It is official

It is official – My first post from the Mommy Wife Life SA website!!

Yes it is real , Thanks to my super hero of a husband that worked his magic.

If you asked me a year ago – if I would consider blogging , having a website and basically letting everybody know my business . My answer would of been HELL NO 🙂 So next question is what changed?

Answer: I changed : I realized I am more than just a mommy ,don’t get me wrong I love being a mommy but somewhere down the line -I put myself last , forgot that I was a person who had friends , went out , did things before I  became_– just mommy. The worst part is I think I forgot how  to be a good wife (which I think a lot of us do but would never ever admit)

What does this have to do with that? The first step to finding me…doing something for me . Evens if nobody reads this, It was 5 minutes out  of our crazy- try to do everything life where I could just ramble 🙂

My grammar sucks , I LOVE my family with my whole heart – some would say to the point where I am a crazy b* (LOL close your mouth – yes I said B*) .  Always find a reason to celebrate with a glass of wine ,We are not perfect but  my life is perfect to me.

Happy New Year – Let 2018 be the year you shine and uplift each other .