The dreaded new years resolution …luckily I got a buddy this time around and he is such a character.

We have all been there with positive thinking , festive happiness and the thoughts of what the new year will hold for you…Always aim higher than usual and some how there is always a “I’m going to eat better and loose this festive  weight ( Funny enough I saw a meme that said ” Don’t blame festive , you were fat in August!” Gosh so true).

Honestly I have picked up weight , Not sure if it is because of my new birth control or  my love for food . Either way something must be done.

We decided that this year we will starting being more active – fun run/walks , do more outdoor stuff. Eat healthier  and get some exercise in – you know the usually stuff we all say we going to do.

Luckily enough this time my husband has agreed to join me in this new healthy adventure…..mmm…the toddler not so much I’m pretty sure if she could eat ice cream all day she would.

Started off with a detox with fused water (apparently this is all the rage right now and really good for you) . I’m not going to lie when I saw the price of the 3 day detox cleanse juice – I was like hell no I am not paying R750 and in January of all times hahaha. So I googled DIY detox waters , we currently trying out the “flat tummy detox water” wit the lemon, ginger,cucumber and mint leaves. The plan is to ease into it and switch it up every week , currently very optimistic.

My current personal goal is to loose 10kgs by June 2018 – which is very realistic but for a sweet tooth , deep fried food and wine lover it is going to be tough.

My husband is such a character he went to the mall by himself because I seriously just didn’t feel like leaving the house. He comes back and says to me:

Hubby: ” You know when people tell you- when you stop smoking you can smell other smokers?”

Me: “YES” ( In my mind I am like oh he wants to stop smoking)

Hubby: ” Yoh now walking through the food court in the mall is the same- when you trying to eat healthy, It’s a struggle”  (Please note he was dead serious when he said this – no smile)

Me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA  (Ugly laugh from my stomach)


Aaaah sometimes that man is really funny but I wont tell him that because I’m the funny one 🙂

So if you are planning to keep fit or eat healthy –Be strong it takes time ,remember that you did not get fat over night. If you can get a buddy , seeing someone else struggle with you is such good motivation and you wont feel alone OR that tempted to cheat.  And empty the snack cupboard -replace it with healthy options if you want to nibble.