Day zero is coming – cape town water crisis

As we all know – Day Zero is coming.

I will admit when I first heard about the water crisis I was in denial like that would never happen . Well guess what  it’ s happening  and it will be here before we all know it.

Luckily for me my dear husband has taken it serious since day one and he will sometimes remind me of this. He has been super pro active about it. Thank goodness otherwise I would be in a panic!  Just the other night my neighbour was washing his car with a hose pipe- really buddy? No shame nothing . I am sure we all know someone who does’nt take it serious.

I think what scared me was this past weekend we were in the mall and people literally had trolleys full of 5L water bottles, some shops are SOLD OUT and when they do stock up -people grab them. If you wondering why? mmm you better get up and go get some water bottles and start stocking up or get ready with your bucket to que on a daily basis for water when Day Zero arrives.

So a few ways that we save water :

We use our bath/shower/grey water for flushing – you will be amazed by how much water we actually use on a daily basis just flushing. TIP: buy the blue toilet blocks -will hide the grey colour of the water and nobody will know.

Another way is with the popular saying ” If it is  yellow let it mellow, If it is brown flush it down”. Now I personally hate that saying but desperate times. Tip: Invest in good air freshener and open the bathroom windows so the smell doesn’t knock you over when you open the door . The last thing you want is your home bathroom to smell like a public restroom yuck!

Only wash dishes ONCE a day when your sink is full . My mother would probably die if she read that hahaha because that is just a big no no but if you like me and hate washing dishes – now is a good time to do this and not be judged.  Also use paper cups and plates , not very Eco friendly I know .

The magical product Baby powder and wet wipes OMG I love how you can use wet wipes on everything basically.

Drink bottled water.

For the curly head girls – if your curls are anything like mine…They curl really nice but require abit of water everyday to style. I have found if I actually straighten my hair I will get a good 3-4 days before need to wash it again. You are not a sell out , yes we all want to embrace our natural hair.

Only do washing when you have a full load (as a mom when is there not a full load? ) , limit it to once a week if you can -this also depends on your family size.

Spend the day at the beach on hot days – don’t fill up that baby pool that your kid got for Christmas 🙂 It is very tempting with this insane heat we have been having. If you are anything like my family we love everything water. Take the kids water guns and buckets with go crazy there – bonus family time and you will automatically become the cool mom.

Now I know there are some hard core water savers out there and I’m sure we will all be running to them for help and tips closer to the day.

Be water wise.

Drink wine save water 🙂