Blog Interview with Xander (apps) #XanderMom

My blog interview with Xander #XanderMom very excited

If you follow my personal Facebook page you would have seen that I shared my blog interview with Xander apps #XanderMom last week.

As a very new blog, I was extremely excited when they contacted me last year especially because when I checked them out there were other bloggers on their website that I follow on a daily basis. It sounds silly but getting noticed is one of the first steps to being known as a blogger 🙂

Basically it is just about who I am, what I think about tech and kids.

If you would like to read it you can click on the link:

Or go to Xander apps Facebook page and find the post there ,you can  also check out there app and what they are about.

Many people I know were  shocked that I have a blog, funny enough I am a very private-to myself person when it comes to certain things in my life and I am still trying to find my feet  with this blog. Also being new I was scared of judgement or criticism that comes along with it.

Recently someone close to me was having a conversation about bloggers – basically implying that it wasn’t a “proper job” .   “Like oh you want to become a blogger? Have followers , that’s what people who don’t work hard do” (None of those comments were directed at me – also they not aware that I have a blog -so can imagine the look on there face when they found out) LOL I was like oh OK that’s what people think about blogging. Yes that is one opinion – I know many bloggers who have “real jobs” and putting in hours of hard work and find the time to attend events etc and it is definitely not easy to leave your kids or partner and it is not all fun and games. For me personally I started a blog because I wanted to and it is something I feel passionate about (being a mommy-wife-and just a person in general  lol) not for “likes” ,”followers” , “free stuff” if in the future it becomes more great.

End of the day —you do it for yourself .


So Never let anyone rain on your parade