When is the right age to send your child to nursery school?

2018 has really started off with a bang and big changes , We made the decision to register our little one end of 2017 for nursery school.


So I realize this post is like two months late but I was emptying my draft box and saw this and thought..mmm.. I put the effort into to writing this so I’m going to post it . Lol wish I checked before I just posted : Adjusting to nursery school with my toddler .

I honestly have to say trying to find what you think is the best fit for your child can be stressful , We spent about a month – phoning ,emailing and viewing. It was not a easy decision putting all your faith into other people.

When you are a stay at home mom for some reason – people think you are on holiday , lazy and don’t want to work , I once got asked how much my husband makes that I can stay at home? How inappropriate is that but people have no boundaries. I think one of my favorites is – “well you are at home ,so have another baby”.  Yes I just look tired and a mess because I’m just chilling (not taking away from the working moms- I was one too).

Our daughter is 2 soon to be 3 , why we decided to put her in school . Unlike other or most families your child grows up around  other people-  cousins , your friends kids etc. We unfortunately don’t have that – she is an only child and might be for a long long long time . My family is far away and my in laws  have a very small family unit. So she is alone , as someone who has siblings and grew up with family over every weekend I can only imagine it can be lonely just hanging out with your parents .

Anyway…This is how her first week went:

The first day is filled with excitement  and hoping for no tears ( unless your kid is hard core there will be tears – prepare yourself) , when she realized what was happening she held on for dear life – crying. In that moment of your child looking at you like how can you do this? You question your decisions and if you are being selfish.

Day 3:  It gets a little better but don’t be fooled it is too soon for everything to be perfect evens though there are no tears and she goes to the teacher.

Day 7: She now knows what is happening and tries everything in cute or sad box to now stay with you at home .If that doesn’t help …the mini tantrums start….me: what the heck is going on .


IT HAS BEEN A ROLLER COASTER SO FAR….IS 2 YEARS OLD THE RIGHT AGE ? I think for us this became clear over the past two months….follow up in : Adjusting to nursery school life with my toddler post.