Can we talk about the split personality after becoming a mom?

Is it just me? Well if it is- we will just blame it on my birth control implant and recently coming off a extremely long “sister flow”. I know T.M.I.  

Anyway (yip- you will notice that is one of my favorite words- hubby is not a fan). So as a parent we would die, kill or go completely crazy on anybody if they ever thought of hurting our tiny human,right? They fill our hearts with so much happiness and I personally am very proud of every little thing my kiddo does.

Then aah…the moments that people never tell you about or they do but you ignored it. When they poke so hard at your very last nerve.It is almost like all that time spent in your womb was just taking notes on how to push mommy”s buttons one day.

In those moments which I will admit are not every day in my home still bug the heck out of me. I will think mmm…have kids they said it would be fun.You just had to be taking weight loss products, partying like a rock star and trying to break records with hubby. Obviously 26 year old me had to know it would end in a pregnancy? NOPE -I was on the pill and in my mind that doesn’t happen to me. Who knew there were so many things that could affect your birth control? LOL apparently lots of people who told me oh yeah that is how I got pregnant.

Well when that moment hits…I tell hubby – I can’t – I am done. He will immediately step in- no questions ,he knows that I have reached my breaking point.

I just need to step away and be on my own…moments later MOM GUILT creeps in and I feel completely horrible. I ask myself: How can you almost loose your cool? She is only 3 (with the mouth of a sassy 15 year old ). She is your life! That is not who you are.

It makes me wonder what people without a supportive partner do? How do they find a moment to breathe before it all gets too much?

It makes the world of difference when you have some one who tries to understand and not judge you-WHEN you can’t take it anymore because your kid has said NO for the 100th time and rolled their eyes at you.

How do you deal? Any tips ?

PS: If my hubby is reading this- THANK YOU , I love you:)

Remember: Parent aka Super hero